In the 2005 Michele Pietropaolo and Federica Anniballi gave formally life to the associated studio AP architetti. The activities include many areas, from building to design:

- urban planning: detailed plans, subdivision plans, recovery plans, design of parks and gardens;

- bio-architecture: approaching the design following the strict criteria of respect of the environment and energy efficiency, using technological systems based on alternative energies (sun, earth, wind) that assure high standards of environmental comfort and internal comfort, using only natural materials;

- use of specific equipment for surveys;

- public and private buildings: new dwellings and offices, housing estate design, shopping complexes, exhibition areas, restaurants and bars, spa and gyms;

- refurbishments: new internal dispositions, rural buildings transformed in residences, redevelopment of private and religious buildings;

- interior design: creation of environments through executive projects, which correlate the subdivision of interior space to plants and furnishings and design of premises and retail spaces, both in the design of furniture elements.

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